Gardening Club Invite

New and Existing Members
If you are currently looking out of your window and thinking about how to plan your garden for 2023, come along to the Gardening Club meetings and learn from the professional speakers and gardening club members on how to get the best out of your garden.

If you are new to gardening, the questions you may be asking yourself is – Where do I start? What can I do to maximize my enjoyment of my garden? Where can I get support and expert advice? Or, if you’re an accomplished gardener you may be asking yourself, is there anything I could do differently? What worked well that I can continue in 2023?

The Gardening Club meetings are a good opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts and expertise. After all, sharing is one of the qualities gardeners are best known for.

Whether you’re someone new to gardening or an accomplished gardener we hope to see you at our meetings. For further information and the full list of monthly talks, please click here  to the HcN Gardening Club website.

Happy gardening!

Penny Peart