Core Factor Pilates


Liz Reid



I run 10 Mat work, Original Pilates classes, in and around the area of Somersham; 5 daytime and 5 evening at the venue and streamed live on Zoom! I hold a Pilates class at the fabulous Needingworth Village Hall on Fridays 10-11 am.

Courses run on a 10 week rotational and progressive basis but you can try your first class at the venue or on Zoom if more convenient for just £8.

Pilates strengthens your core muscles, which are your stomach, back, thighs, and behind. Pilates increases flexibility eases back pain, corrects imbalances in posture, and enhances balance, control, and coordination. It will also help to give you a good and restful night’s sleep.

Join Pilates Liz, Level III Pilates Instructor, Member of FitPro and BackCare Associate, for fun, enjoyable and effective Pilates, practicing the original 34 Pilates exercises properly, looking after you and your well-being.

No other Pilates Instructor loves you more!